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CLAYTASTIC! Clay Jewellery and Bag Bundles: The Twinees' First Collaboration

It's been a long time coming. Early this year, we had an idea to collaborate with a dear friend, Pearl, on an exclusive collection of clay jewellery based on some of our bag designs. It was a dream come true when she agreed and we have been working on the collaboration since then.

The collection features a whimsical and eclectic mix of fun elegance, and each special bundle includes a bag from The Twinees and an exclusive clay jewellery piece from Made By Pearl. All of the jewellery pieces have been loving handmade and designed, bead by bead, by Pearl, in the land down under!

Therefore, each necklace and each earring are unique and special. No two beads or earring are the same, and that is one of the aspects of polymer clay jewellery that really drew us in. These jewellery designs are also exclusive to The Twinees and can only be purchased through our various sales channels.

The bundles have been specially created so that it would be a unique and a one of a kind gift. To celebrate our first ever collaboration, we have also priced these bundles at a special pricing. You won't be able to get these prices anywhere else, so get them while stocks last :)

If you'd like to pair any other bag with a jewellery piece from this collection or vice versa, please contact us for more information :)

The bundles will be available only on:



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